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   3 New TPU Materials Special for SmartSeal

JPU9409 – High Temperature Resistant PU
(Color: Orange) 
JPU9409 is designed for applications where temperature and mechanical stress of the material reach the limits of standard Polyurethanes. Provides long service life with its excellent stability of the physical properties at higher temperatures.

JPU9408 – Chemical Resistant PU 
(Color: Violet) 
FDA approved JPU9408 is designed for high chemically resistance against the common used CIP-fluids. JPU9408 shows low swelling in non-polar fluids like mineral oils or fatty foodstuff and contributes smooth system operation.

JPU8801 – Low Hardness PU
(Color: Green)
JPU8801 is designed to be used when a “softer” material is needed to have higher compression (preload) of the sealing material. JPU8801 is very flexible and easier to install in tight housing situations.

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» 3 New TPU Materials Special for SmartSeal

» JPU9407 Premium Polyurethane by SmartSeal


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